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document RWDBDateTime is Returning an Incorrect Time
Problem RWDBDateTime is returning an incorrect time or date that is...
03 Aug, 2009
document Migrating from SPM to RCB
Problem I need to migrate an application based on the CD13 SPM build...
31 Jan, 2008
document Porting Math 6.1.8 to Redhat Linux 6.0 (Linux 2.2.5-15)
Problem Math 6.1.8 is not supported on Linux and a port is...
31 Jan, 2008
document How to create and run Stored Procedures in DB2
Problem How do I write a stored procedure in DB2? How do I call a...
01 Feb, 2008
document Tab Windows: SEC3DTabWnd sizes itself slightly larger than the available client area in SDI applications.
Problem I have a tab window which has been created with CreateView(), and...
05 Jan, 2012

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document How to activate the search module in the documentation and the applets in the samples
Cause Starting from JRE 7 Update 51, Oracle has added some security...
05 Oct, 2016
document I got an exception "version must be <100" when using JViews
Resolution If you use a supported version (JViews 8.8 or 8.9) you can...
12 Sep, 2016
document When installing JViews on Surface I got the error "Invalid UI Mode"
Cause This issue is caused by the framework used to create the...
22 Dec, 2015
document How to implement remote code protection
Cause A serious security vulnerability was recently found in our...
04 Sep, 2015
document JViews installer is failling on windows with error "Windows error 2 occured while loading the java VM"
Cause The installer is using the Java location specified in the PATH...
03 Sep, 2015